• Welcome to KC Cone Beam, L.L.C.

    KC Cone Beam, L.L.C. is the first and only stand alone Cone Beam CT Imaging Center in Kansas City, revolutionizing patient treatment with highly detailed radiographs. Having true-to-life 3D images produced by our CS 9300 provides quicker and more accurate diagnosis, improved treatment planning and better patient care.

  • Service is our number one goal.

    Our staff is enthusiastic about providing you with top quality care. We also want to make your visit to our center as pleasant and as comfortable as possible. The following information will be useful to you in preparing for your first visit. You may be referred from your family dentist, a dental specialist, or a physician. The focus at KC Cone Beam is the doctor-patient relationship with a commitment to delivering the highest quality clinical images.

  • Plan for your patients with the highest quality images.

    These images have extraordinary detail which can be used to diagnose and develop a treatment plan for your patients at a level that a normal 2D scan would not allow you to.

KC Cone Beam

Dedicated to working with doctors and patients alike to provide the best service possible.

Friendly Staff

Patient care is the most important thing to us. We enjoy serving you and your patients.

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Advanced Technology

At KC Cone Beam, we use the advanced technology of the Carestream 9300 to provide true-to-life 3D image radiography.

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Conveniently Located

KC Cone Beam is located in a bank building with many open parking spots everyday.

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Scheduling the appointment to receive your requested scan, KC Cone Beam strives to provide fast service.

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